Coconut Oil for Mom and Baby

Today I am sharing my 6 favorite uses of coconut oil as it pertains to pregnancy and little babies over at Modern Alternative Pregnancy. 

Head on over to read about them.


  1. Colleen Brown says:

    I just read on the facebook group “Real Foodie Mamas” posted by: Sara Shay that you are
    looking for recipe testers for a variety of vegetable and fruit recipes.
    ” Debra from Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes, Kayla from the blog Renown and
    Crowned, Danielle Tate from More Than Four Walls and I are on the last leg
    of gathering the recipes ect for a book all about vegetables. We have
    between 60 and 70 recipes that need testing”
    I would love to volunteer to test a recipe! I love to cook and took 2 semesters of Food Prep in College. I now am a Stay at Home Mom and Homeschool my 7 children. We eat primarily “real food” no processes stuff for the most part so this sounds like a great idea to me! :)
    Colleen Brown