Helping is So Much More

Several months ago I unpublished many of my first posts as I was no longer satisfied with the writing, attitude behind, or occasionally content of them. I have been going through, editing, and re-publishing ones that I felt had good things to say. For this reason you might see posts you have seen before, but hopefully a little more gracious and easier to read. 

The phone rings and a happy little Christopher toddles over with it. He is grinning from ear to ear, very proud of himself. “Thank you” I say “you are such a great helper” and he beams all the more.

He wants to help SOOOO much. To make me proud makes his day.

Unfortunately, often I’m distracted, busy, and frazzled. With a to-do list that always seems to be expanding, not diminishing, it is hard to take the time to have him help. But, hard or not, it is very important.

These first few years of his life he is learning and growing at a faster rate than he ever will. It is like a learning roller coaster, and I want to jump on board! I want to teach him all I can. Not just colors, letters, and numbers but far more important heart, mind, and life lessons that will stay with him for years and help shape him.

When I take the time to engage with him, not only on his level by playing, but to bring him into my world and let him to help, how much more am I doing?

The other day we were hanging up diapers on our clothes line. I was pinning, and he was toddling behind handing me diapers. “Eee-ah” he said pointing at the diapers over his head. “Yes, these are Natalia’s. We’re drying Natalia’s diapers to help take care of her.”

I was more then just humoring this child, making him feel important. I was teaching him. Raising him up. He knew that we were doing something for his beloved baby sister. He was learning service.

Later, as he shoved a container of clothes into the drawer he was directed to, he was learning diligence. A couple times I had to remind him of the task he was doing.

When we sat on the floor folding diapers together he was learning how to follow instructions. He might have even caught a bit of math as we talked about “halves” and “thirds”.

Can you guess which diapers Christopher folded?

There are so many ways to learn while helping.

  • We can talk about colors as we sort laundry.
  • We can count as we hang up clothes on the line.
  • We can talk about caring for our house as we pick up his toys.
  • As he helps set the table I can talk about the importance of spending time as a family.
  • As he washes carrots, we can talk about food and the importance of healthy eating.

The possibilities go on and on.

Yes, it may take a little longer, but what is a few minutes more per task compared to raising and teaching a little man?