How to Clean Carpeted Stairs (Without A Hand-vac)



I do not know about you, but lugging a vacuum up and down stairs, to vacuum them is not my idea of fun. Especially with a big ol’ pregnant belly.

A hand-vac can get around this of course, but I have never been fond of them. They are small enough for stairs, yes. But seem far too big and clunky for their limited functions. I love to keep to the basics with homemaking items. That and I have never been around one that was high quality. I am sure they exsist, but I have never experienced them.

I came up with a simple solution that does an amazing job, and probably takes me about 5 minutes to do my whole set of stairs. It would take a little longer if they were not laid out the way mine are (with partially open sides).

I have actually never vacuumed my stairs even with 3 out of our 5 houses having carpeted stairs. But, I do clean them (less frequently than I would like to admit, but I am trying to get into the habit of doing it weekly).

What do I do? I sweep them.


I have this really stiff brush I love. It is probably one of my favorite cleaning products, I carry it with me whenever I am cleaning the house.

I spend a few seconds per stair brushing them. Since most of mine our open at the end I just sweep it to the floor below to vacuum when I do that part of my cleaning.

But, those that are not open I just brush to the next stair, and after a few stairs into a dustpan.

I know this sounds like it would take longer than vacuuming, and be less effective, but my experience has been otherwise.





  1. I wouldn’t have ever thought to sweep my carpeted stairs! That is a good idea because I bet you could clean it a lot better like this. Instead of trusting the vacuum to pick up everything, you can do it yourself!