The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Promo: A Glance At My Favorites + Your Questions Answered


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Items bought through affiliate likes helps support my family and this blog at no extra cost to you, Thanks!

Update: the sale is now LIVE! Visit here for more details. 

Yesterday I mentioned that there was  an amazing e-book bundle sale coming up. Today, I want to tell you a little more about it, as well as answer some questions you might have.

I am incredibly excited about this sale, I have been looking over the books, getting to “know” the authors a bit and in general having to force my mouth shut about it. I have really been enjoying the books, and have read several of the ones I am most excited about in order to tell you about them.

What does it include? It 97 e-books and courses, PLUS $140 dollars worth of bonuses (coupon codes ect.). Stephanie from Keeper of the Home and Erin from The Humbled Homemaker got 75 bloggers together to offer their e-courses and books at an amazing deal. And since they are amazing they even asked many companies that sell everything from candles, to high quality sea salt to offer bonuses to those who bought the bundle.

What is in it? 97 e-books and courses is a LOT – a full e-book library really. I will be giving a full list on Monday, but today I will at least give you a sneak peak of my 16 FAVORITE books in it. I will also be talking about them more here and on facebook over the next week and a half.

What if I do not have a Kindle? 
You can still read the books on your computer! That is what I am doing. Erin from The Humbled Homemaker actually did a post on this very question. But, If you don’t have a kindle and WANT one… make sure you come back on Monday. That’s right. In addition to offering this deal next week I will be teaming up with several other bloggers to give away a kindle. 

What if I don’t want all 97 books? I will be honest. I do not plan on reading all the books, but the price per book ($0.34) and that there are so many I love and plan to read, it is well worth the $29.97 for me!  You don’t have to download all the books if you do not want to (but I recommend it as you might want to read them at different seasons). Another thing you could do is split the bundle with a friend. HOWEVER each file can ONLY BE ON ONE COMPUTER/KINDLE/SAVED ONCE. That means if you send it to someone else, YOU MUST DELETE THE FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER.  If you get multiple copies from one purchase you are depriving the author of their royalties, and hard earned income! 

Are e-books exactly like hard books, just on the computer? Yes, pretty much. Some of these would make very short books, and are price accordingly, others would make a large “real” book. For example my FAVORITE e-book in the sale 28 Days to Hope For Your Home is only about 50 pages, while another favorite, Confessions of a Cloth Diapering Convert is over 200 pages. They are all priced differently, but EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is worth more than $0.34! I probably did not need to tell you that.

Do you (Debra) get a percentage? Yes, anything brought through my affiliate link I will get a percentage- at no extra cost to you. But, I am firm in my belief of only recommending what I love. There are no books I see that I can immediately can say “I would not recommend this book” but, there are some I am not that interested in reading. That being said I have already read (or thoroughly looked through and used as a resource) 11 of the books and thought them all wonderful, and have many, many, many more I have had on my wish list, and yet more I have never heard of before this sale that I can not wait to read.

I will be talking more about the books I love leading up to, and during the sale.

Do you have any questions I did not cover?

Come back on Monday to see the full list of books AND enter to win a Kindle.



  1. I am definitely looking forward to the full list…. and contemplating asking for this for an early birthday gift. :) Have you read Redeeming Childbirth? What are your thoughts on it? I found it recently and thought it looked excellent. But I would need a few more to be on my “would like to read” list before I can make such a sizable purchase. :)

    • I have not read that one. It is just one of the ones I am really excited about. I will try and read it (depends on the length) before the end of the sale. I am reading as many as I can, then planning on going back and savoring the info a little better.

      • Ok, I am bummed. I misunderstood and it is not the book that is offered but the journal type thing. I am not sure I get that, but I guess it is the author’s choice. :( That being said I want to print it out and fill it out with Mark.