Why We Are No Longer Doing GAPS/ General Update

I only commented about 3 week ago we were stopping. Perhaps I should go into why.

To start out with, I am bummed. I did not want to stop. But, I was also trying to be smart.

I think we have officially decided that whatever is going on with Mark it is /not/ diet related. GAPS made absolutely no difference in him after the first few days. Going off GAPS made no difference. Doing an elimination diet last year made absolutely no difference– better or worse.

Since he has started having problems we have done several specialized diets and nothing effects it one way or the other. We have seen two doctors who thought it was diet related, and the second one would not look any further even after we told him we have done allergy testing and an elimination diet. We are in the process of getting to another who is willing to dig deeper.

Natalia was doing GREAT on GAPS and is not doing so great off of GAPS. By eliminating corn (which we already were for nearly a year) and gluten we have achieved similar results. We are also trying to avoid soy, but are not quite as thoroughly (we went out to eat a few times to a restaurant that uses soybean oil instead of corn.) But, she still has the occasional upset stomach, her craddle cap is back, and though her face is nothing like it was it is a little splotchy and itchy.

We stopped mostly for me. At 28 weeks I started having contractions, baby was getting low (0 station), my cervix was effacing (30%) and beginning to dilate ever so slightly. My midwife gave me a list of things I should not be doing, and told me in the case of contractions I had to get off my feet immediately.

By next appointment she reemphasized that fact, after several weeks of not gaining I had started losing weight (I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that basically anything GAPS legal repulsed me and I was throwing up like crazy…), my PH was off (again), my sugar was high, and I was an emotional wreck.

We were very stressed with trying to keep with GAPS while I was feeling sick and throwing up, unable to do much without having problems, and Mark was crazy busy rushing to finish his thesis which he had 18 days to write and defend. We thought he had a few months but then discovered that he was charged for a credit hour and unless we wanted to pay for that, the hefty late fee (since we did not know about it) and the credit hour again he did not have months to finish he had days.
My midwife asked we limit our stress as much as possible– and coming of GAPS (even though the transition was really rough for my baby girl) has REALLY helped with the amount of contractions and other worrisome things that have been happening.

Yesterday, we even had another appointment and everyone was pleasantly surprised by the almost complete lack of dilation, baby is only a little lower (I forget the number but maybe not even +1), the only thing which had “progressed” was I was effaced now 50%. I had finally gained some, my PH was normal, and now we only have to tackle the nausea and continue to take it easy.

I am a little frustrated with the return of some symptoms we had seen go away on GAPS– insomnia, really really really itchy ears, and general itchiness. But, am better able to cope now that Mark is done with his thesis and I am not trying a very complicated diet.

Now, I guess we better focus on the fact that baby is coming! I am 35 weeks and we do not have a name (though we know the meaning), a carseat, a van, the wooden cradle is still being used for toys, no clothes have been gotten out, and my house does not in the least feel ready for a new baby!


  1. You made the right decision! You will have chances to try it again at a better season if you feel like you need to for Natalia. Do your best to take care of you and your baby, especially since the strict diet wasn’t helping Mark noticeably and was stressful. I’m a firm believer in “do what you can” and I know the Lord will help you figure out your balance! Congrats on getting so far along in pregnancy, and cook grilled cheese and applesauce and carrot sticks 3 times a day if you need to! :)

    • I think I did- just bummed as it was helping both of us. But, I did it mostly for Mark.

      Mark is doing the cooking right now (for the most part, I made oatmeal and zucchini for lunch as that was something I could handle :D) so I am letting him chose the quality of our food even if Natalia has to eat leftovers as corn is basically in anything prepared.


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