Cash Flow Your College: An Interview With The Author + Giveaway


I am so excited to have my long time friend Kayla, from Renown and Crowned  joining us today, via interview to talk, about her first book Cash Flow Your College (affiliate links).

I got to read this book a few weeks ago, and it is wonderful! Kayla really knows what she is talking about when it comes to going to college debt free as she did it herself, but I will let her talk about that.

I urge you, whether you are in college now, have young adult children, or even want to think far into the future for yourself or your kids to read this book! A $3 Kindle book could save you tens of thousands of dollars through applying the advise therein. (affiliate link)

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An Interview With The Author

Hi Kayla, thanks for doing this interview. First off why don’t you tell us a bit about you and the book?

Thanks so much for having me, Debra! A little about myself — I am privileged to be an at-home wife of an aviation major and mom to a 15 month old bundle of energy! I graduated in 2012 debt-free with a degree in American Sign Language & English Interpretation, which was a lot of fun to study and worth every penny I invested in it. I have a passion for helping others discover that going to college without taking loans IS possible, even if it’s hard. And thus the book Cash Flow Your College was born.

What inspired you to write the book Cash Flow Your College? (affiliate link)

I have heard and seen so many students assume there is no way to pay for college other than student loans, but I have lived a different way. My husband took loans his first 3 semesters and wishes he hadn’t — so he encouraged me to write this book and hopefully show others that “debt-free college” isn’t an oxymoron.

I had actually not heard the term cash flow before. Can you elaborate what it means?

Sure! We first learned the term “cash flow” from Dave Ramsey. Every household has money coming in (income) and money going out (expenses). “Cash flow” simply means you pay for something with the income (or savings) you have available rather than using loans. To have a positive cash flow, your expenses must be equal to or lower than your income. So to cash flow your college, you need to make sure your expenses (tuition, housing, textbooks, etc) do not exceed your income (wages earned at a job, scholarships, grants, etc).

Other than the obvious college student, who will benefit from this book?

I wrote it for both the college student AND the high school student preparing for college. You can save so much money simply by intentionally preparing for college while still in high school! However, teachers and parents have read and reviewed this book, too, and they say it is equally important for the adults surrounding the high school/college student to be aware of how to make smart financial decisions to be able to cash flow college.

When does the cash flowing for college begin?

I alluded to this in the previous answer, but it can begin as early as middle school and high school! Start developing a vision with your kids — talk about not taking loans, working while in college, choosing an affordable college option, and the like. Even if you can’t financially support your children through college, you can be a great emotional support as they make hard choices for long-term success!

When did you decide you were going to go to college debt free?

I’m pretty sure it was high school. Possibly a little earlier. I told my mom if I couldn’t go to college debt free, then I wouldn’t go to college. Thankfully, my parents supported this vision and helped me keep going when the going got tough.

What were your first steps to debt free college?

I applied to multiple universities to see what they could offer me in the realm of financial aid. I also took the ACT three times and studied that test like it was a code to crack… I was able to raise my score each time.

Would you say college debt free is possible for anyone?

I will say “Yes!” with one caveat. You must be willing to make some hard choices that will separate you from the crowd. Most of your friends will do what’s easy and take out loans, and the financial aid department will offer you loans every chance they get. But if you can see the big picture of all the things you can accomplish if you graduate debt-free, YES, debt-free is possible for anyone.

Debt for college is so ingrained in our society, why is the hard work of doing it differently even worth it (btw I think it is)?

When you take on debt, you instantly limit your future resources. You assign part of your post-graduation paycheck to pay for college. You limit your employment opportunities because you’ll be more likely to take the first available job than the one you really want. Many mamas work outside the home because they took loans in college when they would rather be at home with the kids… Persevering during a few short years and putting in the hard work of cash flowing your college will put you several steps ahead of your peers and set you up for success!

Anything else you would like to add?

Some, like my husband, get to college, take out loans, and then regret the choice. Is it possible to cash flow the rest of your college? Yes! Even if you didn’t adequately prepare in high school, you can still take steps to make the most of your income, reduce expenses, and pay for college out of pocket.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Cash Flow Your College for review. All opinions are 100% my own, and I think it is awesome. I use affiliate links in this post, you are in no way obligated to buy through my links, but if you do thanks! I am a few cents richer :D