Herb Infused Bed Time Massage Oil

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I have struggled with insomnia, and otherwise getting restful sleep, for years. And no, it is not just called “kids”. Even though my toddler can be a really bad sleeper.

Last week I decided to try and make a massage oil– one that not only helps you relax but also aids with insomnia.

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So, lavender was a my first choice.e seen lavender massages work first hand as it was the thing we used with Natalia when she was not nearly as “good” as a sleeper as she is now (i.e. she did not sleep). It only helped some as the real problem was there were many foods making her sick. But, it did help her to relax and the nights when I did a lavender massage were better then those without.

A little research showed me catnip helps with insomnia, so that was my second herb of choice. Other herbs came up in my research– noticeably chamomile and peppermint. But, peppermint tends to have an energizing effect on me so I decided to skip it and I did not have chamomile. I want to try it again with catnip, chamomile, and lavender at a later date.

I infused coconut oil (good for skin) and olive oil (does not absorb as well, but keeps it liquid) with those two herbs.

Last night I finally had a chance to try it. Wow. It smelled amazing. Lavender scents give me a headache– but this stuff was natural and pure so it was fantastic. Whether it was the massage, the oil, or that heavenly lavender scent I breathed in all last night– last night was one of the best nights of sleep I have had a in a VERY LONG time.

Now I should try it again when I have a full night to try it instead of when I went to bed at 1. *cough*


Herb Infused Bed Time Massage Oil
Recipe type: Body-Product
An herb infused oil that is designed to relax and help with sleeplessness.*
  1. Fill a pint size mason jar with the herbs. Pour oils over top. You could use all olive oil, all coconut oil (will get solid in winter), or half and half (what I used).
  2. Put jar in a small pot and fill with water to halfway up the jar.
  3. Bring the water to a simmer and let simmer all day. Replace water if needed.
  4. Strain herbs from oil.
  5. Use as a massage oil near bed time.
  6. *I am not a health care professional, and those statements are not approved by anyone. It is through my personal experience and research.
The oil should be dark and smell of lavender.

Be careful not to boil the water heavily as that can tip the jar, and for the oils you just want a gentle heat.


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