Sour Cherry Herbal Multivitamin Gummies

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They recipe is here! Feel free to dance.

Ok, I might have been talking about these on my facebook and instagram pages before I should have because it took me so long to finally get this posted.

You see, I was unsure of what to say, and what not to say.

As a blogger, getting into health related things scare me. I can say things like “eat less processed foods” or “we need to avoid gluten because it makes my daughter break out in eczema” a WHOLE LOTTA EASIER then I can say “These are the first vitamins my kids have ever have.”

Wait a second…

*Deep breath*

I said it?


Ok, that was not too bad.

You see, I have done a bit of research, I have read posts by braver people then me talking about why their family does not take (synthetic) vitamins, and I have come to a the conclusion that we would not do (synthetic) vitamin supplements. Please note, this is what Debra has decided for Debra’s family. It is what works for us. If you decide differently for your family YEAH! Go you!

Because of this I was super happy when I saw Kate’s, from Modern Alternative Mama, post about a herbal multivitamin tincture. Kate knows her stuff, and I got to tincturing. The mix of herbs provide a nice assortment of vitamins, in a whole food, natural source, which really helped me during my last pregnancy.

I am not too fond of glycerin personally* (and it is hard/expensive to find corn free) so I made it with Apple Cider Vinegar, and while I could choke it down, I did not even try it with the kids.

*It can coat your teeth making it hard for your teeth to remineralize.

So, fast forward a few more months and I saw this idea for making homemade vitamins from Wellness Mama. I loved the idea, but found the instructions for the vitamins a little vague. I decided to make a concentrated tea version of Kate‘s herbal mix.

So, what are these exactly?

First, let us look at what these are vs. what they are not.

  • They are: A stevia sweetened gelatin “candy” that is full of herbal vitamin-y goodness.
  • They are not: Full of massive doses of (synthetic) vitamins.
  • They are: a good supplement to your diet.
  • They are not: A substitute for healthy eating :D
  • They are: Getting the vitamins through a concentrated tea (it is not as strong as making a tincture)
  • They are: full of vitamins.
  • But, they do not: come with a list of how much is in each bite.

I am a mom, and these were made from my experience, the experience of others, and a desire to get some supplemental vitamins in my kids without reaching for synthetic stuff. I am not a scientist– or able to hire a scientist. I am even new to using herbs and essential oils for health, I will gladly accept any (kindly written) advise. 

What are the herbs in this?

Note: This mix is from Kate’s Multivitamin Tincture, read more about it here.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and  I will do my best to answer them.


Sour Cherry Herbal Multi-Vitamin Gummies
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A concentrated herbal tea is made into gummy candies.
  1. Mix the herbs in a quart size jar. Boil 1½ cups of the water and pour over the herbs, add the vinegar. Let sit in the fridge for 24 hours, strain away the herbs squeezing out extra water.
  2. Bring ½ cup of water and the concentrate to a boil. Quickly stir in the gelatin, until dissolved, then the rest of the ingredients starting with a tiny amount of stevia. Stevia is pretty finicky, so increase to taste. We used 1 teaspoon of a alcohol based extract. (Note: if you are using a different kind of stevia you will probably need a very different amount from what we used, but I only have experience with alcohol based stevia extract).
  3. Pour the gelatin in a loaf pan. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
  4. Cut into small pieces.
  5. Using them: I basically just let the kids have a few pieces here and there. Our jar of them lasted a week in the fridge.
You can use honey instead of stevia, but be sure to decrease the liquid elsewhere by about half as much honey you use.

Experiment with other flavor combos. I put the ACV in there as a probiotic, but it is not necessary (but increase the liquid if taking out).

Use other kinds of juice concentrates if desired, or even steep the tea in pure juice (remember to increase the liquid by 3 tablespoons if doing that though).

Use other herbal mixes as desired.



  1. It definitely makes sense to make your own vitamins. We take vitamins in a pill form and they do work, we can tell a difference if we don’t take them like we should.
    That being said, they are NOT cheap. :)

    • Tell me about it! When I was pregnant with my first two kids we were paying something like $50-$90 per month on vitamins. Eeeks!

  2. ha! don’t duck… we never took multivitamins after my mom discovered real food, and I don’t plan on feeding my kids Flintstones either :) maybe some Vit D and Omega 369, but that’s all.

  3. This is so cool!!!!! Sharing on my page today.

  4. The recipe looks great. I assume the herbs you are using are dried?

  5. I keep seeing this post pop up in different places and I really want to make these! However, I’m not sure where to find cherry juice concentrate. are you talking like the frozen concentrates? Because I feel like those have a lot of added sugar and stuff. I would love suggestions! :)

    • Hey Jaimie, it does have a bit of natural sugars since it is concentrated juice, but no added sugars. I usually find it in the produce section (which seems strange to me).

  6. I just found this post and I am going to be trying this recipe soon. Thank you!!!

    It is curious what you mention about glycerin – having a hard time finding it corn-free. When I make homemade soap, the glycerin is a natural byproduct – even when all I am using is olive oil, lye and water – no corn there! I mix the glycerin back in before it sets up, rather than separate it out – but that is the same proces that yields glycerin in soap companies which is then sold to other places (for use in food, rocket fuel, etc.). ‘

    • Many commercial brands of glycerin are from corn, but it can be found not made from corn it’s just not as common for the commercially availabe stuff.


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