Shaved Strawberry Ice

What do you get when you mix an accident and four ingredients? Well, I am sure you could get all sorts of things– but for the sake of this post let us pretend it is SHAVED STRAWBERRY ICE.

Wait, did you just say accident?

Well, I guess it was not an accident so much as I was not expecting what ended up happening. I was going to be making a creamy strawberry milkshake. Sort of like a cheesecake strawberry milkshake, but without the cheese part of it. I have made this before and it is tasty, but usually I put in all of the ingredients before turning on the food processor.

This time I put just the strawberries, and without thinking turned on the food processor. It jumped. A lot. I turned it off– my heart pounding from the loud noise and the food processor that just looked like it was about to jump off the counter and bite my nose.

What did I see? Powder. A fine powdery ice made from strawberries. I can best describe it as snow for the moment it touched your tongue it melted away leaving nothing but strawberry goodness and a lingering feeling of refreshing coolness.

There were still strawberry chunks so I turned it back on, this time while holding it down. The sound was still loud but it was fine since I was expecting it.

I added some other ingredients to take it to a more sophisticated level of dessert. Nothing too fancy just salt (salt enhances flavors) sugar (the natural sweetness of strawberries is muted by being frozen) and vanilla (which took it from a cool strawberry coincidence to a delicious dessert).

Nothing left to do but to enjoy it.

That’s it?

Oh, and share with you of course!

Well, I will share the recipe…. fair?

Shaved Strawberry Ice

12 oz. individually frozen strawberries
1 pinch salt
1 – 3 tablespoons granulated sugar or sucanat (not honey)
1 teaspoon vanilla (affiliate link)

Put the strawberries in the bowl of your food processor and whiz them around for about a minute. Note: you probably have to have a good food processor. I have a Cuisinart 11 cup PrepPlus and it has served me WELL (affiliate link). Another note: hold the food processor down for the first few seconds and expect a bit of noise.

Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse a few times.

Note: Cuisinart did not sponsor this post :D, I just really love their food processor.

Shaved Strawberry Ice Video


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