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We discovered back in May Natalia could not have gluten. It was overwhelming. We had her off of it for a while and we we added it back in her reaction was unmistakable. Her face broke out in a painful looking rash, and she cried a lot for about three few days. Oh the tears.

It was also a relief though. It was an answer in the right direction.

Gluten free. I could do that. I am  stubborn creative and determined.

But, it is not exactly easy. 

For the most part I just avoided baking. Especially when we found out in the summer that we had to also cut out most nuts, eggs , dairy, in addition to the gluten, corn, and soy we already had removed.

In the last several weeks, I have taken baking back up. Our diet just needed more balance and variety. It has been a learning curve. One that has been paved with quite a few tears and lots of bread I turned into breadcrumbs for lack of other uses. 

I am learning, but I have a long way to go.

I know a lot of you also have special dietary needs, because it is my allergen friendly recipes that get interaction. They get the pins and the comments. It is one of the reasons my little blog here has been going through an identity crisis (wait, is this a Motherhood blog or a Allergen Cooking blog). I see needs, and I dream of meeting them. It pushes me and drives me to learn, learn, learn, not only for my family, but so that I can teach others too.

However, I am merely a baby when it comes to gluten free, and allergen, cooking. There are so many people out there with far more knowledge then little me.

For these reasons I want to share with you the gluten free (and allergen friendly) resources in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It is that part of this amazing deal that make me dance with giddy-little-girl-excitement while wearing a goofy grin.

Not only are their 10 fully gluten free books included in the bundle, there is…

***drum roll please***

A time of mentoring with three of the authors, who all have extended first hand experience in allergen friendly cooking.

Get Mentored

There will be a one hour live talk with them, followed by a week with a special facebook group where we can pick their brains.
ask them questions. They will pop in frequently and share their experience with us. To be perfectly frank, I am shaking with excitement just thinking about this right now.

The ladies sharing will be:

Beth Ricci (author of The Breakfast Revolution)

Beth Ricci

Alyssa Rimmer (author of Baking With Quinoa)

Alyssa Rimmer

Kerry Ann Foster (author of Family Friendly, Allergen Free)

KerryAnn Foster

These ladies know their stuff and have a ton of hands on experience as they cook gluten free.

The Books in the Bundle that are (fully) Gluten Free are:

This is just one little tiny aspect of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

There are eleven other topics that will be covered in the “Coffee Table Conversations”.  (affiliate link)

And 76 other books, designed to educate you about healthy living. They range from learning how to cook, to sex, to babies, to overcoming fatigue (affiliate link)

Plus over $150 in bonuses (for everything from natural laundry detergent to my favorite exercise program, fit2b), that will equip you get started with what you learn.

It is a truly amazing deal! I wish I could tell you everything  I love about it, but I can not. So I decided to focus in on my favorite part.

This deal is available through Saturday night (11/9)

You can read about the entire The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle here (affiliate link)

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  1. So, I read all this and bought the bundle. I’m still a little confused. Does it get easier after reading all the books??? I guess I just need to settle down and read more! I want it to be easy to understand and do.

    • All of those books are gluten free, which is such a help knowing what to cook and having easy access to them. We have been gluten free for about 6 months now, and it has already gotten much easier.

  2. I love that graphic, Debra. This post is so helpful. Thank you for including my ice pops book. So sweet of you! Looking forward to the Black Friday sale! :)