Healthy Gingerbread Ice Cream + Tips To Cut Back on Sugar

Last year we decided we were not going to have sugar in the house. Not necessarily that we would not eat sweets, just not ones with (granulated) sugar. We used honey and some date paste, but that was about it. To be perfectly frank most decisions I make for the new year do not last super long, but this one we kept with, with a few hiccups, for about six months. We finally decided to stop when we had to cut dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten, and soy out of our diet. It was just one “odd” thing too many. We bought a 50 lb back of sucanat (a more natural form of sugar with the molasses still in it).

This year I am trying to lose the weight I gained with and right after having Valerie. Honestly, I am really frustrated with it as months of different things has all yielded nothing. But, two thing I am clear on  I am trying to cut back from sweets in general and I am exercising with*

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When things gets complicated food wise (such as needing to go on ANOTHER elimination diet, even if not as strong as the first time we did it) I tend to bake a LOT more. The theory is I might as well try and enjoy it. Between that and the beginnings of a baking book, I have just been having too many sweets.

Tips For Cutting Back On Sugar

This is not my first time on cutting back on sugar in general, we have in the past cut it out fully (including honey and maple syrup). While I am not rushing to do that again, I did learn a thing or two. I wrote a post for Homemaker’s Challenge with my 7 Ways to Cut The Sugar.

Healthy Gingerbread Ice Cream

Along that same vein, I also wrote a post for a treat we have been having a LOT. Healthy “Ice Cream”, made from Bananas. You have probably heard of it, but this is a special version full of the spicy, winter-y goodness of gingerbread. Read that here.

Have you ever cut back on sugar? What are some tips you have? What are some treats you still eat?