They Are Our Work – Mommyland Monday

As moms we are all familiar with the scenario, you see an opportunity to get some work down and seize it. Or, at least try to.  
Doing so is like a secret sign to your kids:
I recall a day full of such moments seized and lost. I don’t remember what the workload was, but I remember it being interrupted every few seconds. I can’t tell you whenit was, but I will never forget the still small voice that answered a cry of frustration at to-do’s undone. “They are not interrupting your work. They are your work”
I thought of all the times my kids felt like burdens, that day particularly, that they were keeping me from the things I had to do. Be it sleep, eat, or wash the dishes.  But, they are my work. They are one of the biggest things I am called to in this season of motherhood. 
Not the dishes, the laundry, or the blog posts. My work begins with my family- my husband then my kids. The two little hearts needing discipleship are my work. The little bodies that need hugs are my work. The four little knees that need boo boos kissed are my work.
That involveskeeping our home. But it is for my familyI do it, it is an act of service not merely cleaning and cooking. It is far more important to play with these little ones on my family room floor then to keep it perpetually shinning. To snuggle on the couch then to be scared of a few pieces of laundry on it needing to be folded.
Slow down. They are words I am sick of hearing I have so often. But, I still need reminders as I am slow to learn the concept of slowing down. 
When Natalia will not sleep, but happily sits on my lap, unaware of the laundry that must be folded I should savor it. When I jokingly ask her “Well, will you get off my lap so I can get my work done now?” and she tells me “no” smiling from ear to ear I should smile back to her. It won’t be long until she wiggles off my lap to go on her way, in the meantime slow down and enjoy the chatter full of words no one knows.  
It is not always easy. In fact it rarely is, caring for these two little kids in Mark’s and my charge. I was reminded yesterday during church how God has never asked us to do anythingon our own. 
When I am frustrated and overwhelmed at not being able to do all I feel I should do God just might tell me, through friends, that that is fine. He never asked me to do it alone, in my weakness his strength can shine through. 
I love when I can wrap up a post with one cohesive thought, but that is not today. Today there is too much going on in my mind. It is these three things on my heart today, and what I want to leave you with.
They are not interrupting your work. They are your work.
When you slow down, you might not catch as much life but you will savor far more.
Never has God asked something for us to do this on our own strength. 

Let’s Play a Guessing Game {Mommyland Monday}

I know… it’s been a while. About a month. But, I have a good one for you today. It is a guessing game. Sort of like the classic “how many candies are in that jar?” but perhaps a little easier, and in my (humble) opinion far more fun.

Ok, are you ready?

*drumroll please*

*dum dum dum*

*more drumroll*

Get your thinking (and guessing) caps on!

On your mark!

Get set!


How many people are in this photo? 
hint: it’s NOT 4

The Unique Experiences of Motherhood {Mommyland Monday}

Humbling Motherhood Experiences
Your toddler getting the words “cook” and “burn” confused. For example your child comes in and sees you cooking eggs and excitedly yells “burn”!  “Burn dinner”! Then as you put the food on the table he does a happy little dance exclaiming how dinner is finished being “burnt”. Cook kid it is called cook. 

Even more humbling– burning the toast while he is doing his happy little dance.

Frustrating Motherhood Experiences

Getting that brown couch with green decorations you never wanted, thanks to your child getting a hold (with help of a very helpful older brother) of a sharpie.

Sweet Motherhood Experiences

Your son bringing you your breakfast because it is fixed, but then you sat on the couch to nurse your baby.

Even sweeter, him getting you water too. All on his own.

Exciting motherhood Experiences

Poop. In a potty chair that is.

Poop only in the potty chair…

Embarrassing Motherhood Experiences

Your child escaping the house, in his birthday suit.

Your child getting to church with his shirt inside outwards and backwards.

Bloggy Mom Motherhood Experiences

Your son considering taking a picture of a plate of food part of the mealtime routine.

Thinking “oh. I could put that in a Mommyland Monday”

Funny Motherhood Experiences 

Hearing your 1 year old talk. Always hilarious.

Your 3 year old finally finding the picture that is supposed to be on the front of his shirt (blank shirts just DO NOT exist)

Awww Motherhood Experiences

Your two kids sitting on the step, then calling you over to join them. “We watch mommy.” (If you are wondering what they were watching, it was a box of beans. Thrilling I tell you.)

Seeing your son taking care of his little sister. Seeing your daughter adore her brother.

Happy Motherhood Experiences