Hello my name is Debra, and I guess you want to know a bit more about me.

First and foremost I am a daughter of the king of kings. That is the single most important fact about me. I love growing in the Lord and dream of one day being worthy of the words “wise” and “teacher”.

I live in rural Missouri with my dashingly handsome husband of nearly 5 years, and two young kids with one on the way. There I spend my days chasing two said kids, dreaming up crafts, cooking healthy food, attempting to keep house, and blogging about it all.

I strive to be the helpmeet I would love for my husband to have, the mother I want my kids to have, and to be the homemaker I dream of being. I fail a lot, but continue to grow and learn more and more how to depend on God instead of trying to be superwoman. I have come a long way from the 18 year old girl who entered marriage and the 19 year old girl who became a mom.

Mark and I are second generation homeschoolers. We both grew up in homeschool households and while we do not do “school” yet, we try and incorporate learning into just about every aspect of our lives. Two of my mom’s goals in homeschooling me and my siblings was that we would love learning and what we did not know we knew how to find out. I definitely have those same ideals for our kids.

We go against the flow in many other aspects as well. We almost always go the au natural route with home births, whole real foods, alternative medicine, and cloth diapers. We avoid battery operated toys and watching too many movies while embracing books and imaginative play. Lastly, we live a frugal debt free/paying off past debt life.

I am young, but I am learning day by day in how to better manage all of these hats I wear. Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes is where I talk about that journey. I hope you will stay a while and join me.