Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes

How did Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes come about? About 3 years ago I began really trying to do better about being a homemaker. I began reading books, blogs, and trying out every schedule you can imagine. I started a blog Happy to Be Home to talk about my journey to better homemaking. But, I began wanting to seek growth, and write about, all the other areas of my life and so a name and blog shift came took place.

Why the name? In everything give glory to God. Be it kissing your husband, snuggling a child, or cleaning a mess. Many times I can feel like both washing dishes and playing with young kids are not worthwhile things. But, then I step back and realize I am raising the next generation, and I am keeping the home the Lord has blessed us with and thus preparing it for his service.

What do you write about?

  • I write about my daily lessons in being a better daughter, helpmeet, mother, and homemaker.
  • I write about cooking and crafting as those are two things I really feel passionate about.
  • I write about health and frugality, because I believe they are important aspects of keeping a home and raising a family.
  • I write about learning through life, because I believe learning and growing are two things one should never be to young to begin or old to leave off.
  • I write about my wonderful kids, because I love to celebrate motherhood in a culture that largely does not think that is a worthwhile vocation.